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Use of Short Tail Keywords

While searching for information online, what methods do you use? Does your search include typing the whole information, or keying in one word? When you choose to use just one keyword, this is called short tail keyword. When an internet user types more than two words in the search, then it becomes long tail keywords. The two use of keywords is used more often to direct traffic to a site.

Tips for use of short tail keyword.

To benefit from the use of short tail keywords, here are some useful tips to note. Pick a word that relates to your kind of business. For instance, assume your website is about language tutorials and virtual teaching. Choose one of the languages taught as the keyword, e.g. French. Another tip is the ability to differentiate between the two tail keywords. Short tail keywords should consist OF one or two words, else, becomes a long tail keyword. Choose simple keywords that are easy to type and pronounce. Online users avoid typing difficult words, and this will have an effect on the traffic flow on your website.

What are the advantages of using short tail keyword?

Its use reaches a big number of internet users. A larger audience means the traffic on the website is impressive, translating to return on investment

Disadvantages of short tail keyword.

Sometimes, using the short tail keyword may not be effective, as the right target may not be reached. Wrong audience could take the significant percentage of the site traffic, hence, affect the expected outcome. Take an example of a company selling office furniture and use the short tail keyword as ‘furniture’. The traffic directed to the site could be of anyone interested in furniture; be it home furniture, outdoor furniture, etc. You will also find that different companies are running the same campaign at the same time. Use of the same short tail keyword with the competitor will mean a distributed traffic share. The site may not be ranked first at the search engine during the time.

As compared to long tail keywords, short tail keywords normally have stiff competition. Take for instance, ‘car dealer’ as the short tail keyword in this scenario. Several results will pop up when an online user searches using the keywords provided. The many results may not have your car dealer company ranked among the top, thus little effects on your campaign. If the user includes more words on the keywords, such as ‘Car dealer in town A,’ the search engines give different specified results.

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