Seafood Paella A Sumptuous Meal

Seafood paella is one of the most popular European rice dishes served during regular meals and special occasions. It has also conquered dining tables of other countries and cultures across the globe. Why not? The mixture of carbo-rich rice filled with meaty goodness of different seafood makes a perfect heavy delicious meal for family, friends, and guests to enjoy and feast on.


Actually, seafood paella is a variety of the original paella recipe, which originated in Spain. Paella, according to food historians, is a rice dish which is all the rage traditionally and popularly eaten on Sundays. The term paella was derived from the Latin word patella, which means frying pan. Obviously the dish is usually cooked in a big frying pan where food ingredients such as rice, vegetables, meat, and seafood are mixed together to come up with sumptuous meal. Paella should have the three main ingredients of rice, saffron, and olive oil. Complements such as chicken meat, olives, and shellfish are added since these are very abundant in Spain. The seafood paella recipe came about and flourished when meat was taken away from the recipe to appeal to strict vegetarians, who abhor eating livestock meat. Seafood paella also became more popular in the seafood industry and is considered the preferred diet of health-conscious individuals. Seafood contains a certain kind of fatty acid nutrient called the Omega3, which helps fight cancer and heart diseases. Seafood paella was also popular to countries or areas where seafood supply is abundant.

In case you wonder why paella is a preferred dish in huge get-togethers, it is because the dish is very easy and practical to serve and prepare. It is like having a banquet in one dish. With the carbo-rich and meaty ingredients, the dish is really a satisfyingly heavy meal.

One can look at a hundreds of seafood paella recipes in any cookbooks available in the bookstores. The Internet also offers a wide range of resources, which you can check or download free if you want a systematic guide on how to concoct the dish.

The seafood meat ingredients are stir-fried with an olive oil in a large but shallow flat frying pan first. The vegetables follow. Water is subsequently poured in until it boils. Rice is then added after the desired broth flavor is achieved. Some put salt to balance taste. Once the rice is cooked, the pan is removed from the heat and left to absorb the remaining water. It can be served immediately after being cooled for several minutes.