What is the Origin of Spanish Rice Recipes

nxhfjyfThose who love to eat rice and want to try and enjoy the variety, Spanish rice is quite a good choice for them. This dish is quite delicious and has a unique flavor. It is a complete meal for the entire family.

The basic constituent of this dish is white rice which is a staple food and is famous around the world. It is enriched with high protein, carbohydrate, vitamin D, calcium and iron.

Making this spanish recipe is quite simple as you just need to change some ingredients to make it an amazing dish. This is a very economical recipe and which is easy to make and is quite filling for the entire family. It goes great with everything from chicken to shrimp; or maybe just alone.

Let us discuss the origin of this spanish dish which is a family recipe. In Spain, rice is often served as a primary meal in their lunch or dinner however it does not grow there.

If you get a chance to visit any of the restaurants

Katsudon Recipe

Katsudon is Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork) and eggs cooked in a sweet and salty broth and placed over rice. Don (donburi) means a bowl, and Donburi dishes are a popular kind of casual rice dish in Japan. Because you have to prepare Tonkatsu first, it is a little bit of work involved since you cannot cook everything in one pan.  Katsudon is a hearty dish compared to other Japanese food because Tonkatsu is breaded and deep-fried, but the taste is so good that you will not mind the extra calories from the oil.  Besides, since deep-fried Tonkatsu is cooked in tasty broth and is crunchy yet juicy, you may not notice the grease at all (well, maybe, just maybe, calories might stay in, or near, your tummy).

Katsudon was once portrayed as a hearty, soul food in Japanese culture.  A typical scene for it was in TV detective dramas: a criminal gets interrogated by a tough detective intensely first, and then the detective asks if the criminal wants to have Kastudon.  While they eat, the detective asks how the criminal’s mother is doing in his home town in the country, and as you may guess, the criminal confesses with tears.  That’s a

Broad Beans with Serrano Ham

Andalusia is the traditional home of the tapa and in certain bars a small plate of food will automatically be given with, or ‘placed on top of’, every drink purchased: originally, tapas were small slices of bread topped withSerrano ham, cheese or chorizoand were served to the sherry drinkers in Andalusian taverns; the reason, apparently, was to stop the fruit flies from invading their wine.

This was once a habitual practice in most of Andalusia but it isa tradition that has almost vanished like so many other idyllic Spanish customs:In today’s crisis stricken atmosphere however, the free tapa is making a come-back in order to attract much needed customers to some of the financially crippled bars and restaurants of Spain.

The tradition of the tapa is likely to have developed from the result of poverty and the high day-time temperatures; two issues that make the eating of a large meal impracticable.While the actualorigin of the tapa has numerous different explanations concerningwhere or why they originated,the term’tapa’is generally perceived to have come from the verb tapar, which means to cover.

Some believe the name originated around the middle of the 16th century when the owners of

How to Make Double Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Treats

gkiludSearching the web for chocolate covered rice crispy treats ideas? These recipes are eye-poppingly delicious and the techniques make it easy to cover the treats in the chocolate. What are you making them for? What’s the occasion? Are these party favors, for a get-together, or are you just salivating for chocolate right now? If you answered yes to any of the above then you will find something you like here.

I love double chocolate, don’t you? If so then you will love these chocolate dipped treats covered in mini chocolate chips, drizzled chocolate and chocolate cookie crumbs. And why don’t we trick these treats out? Let’s use all the different chocolates white, milk and dark for our toppings and coatings.

First, we’ll start with a recipe to make the treats so here’s the one I use. I prefer to make mine from scratch rather than use the ones from the stores. That way I can customize the size. If your treats are for a lot of people than you may end up making two batches or more of this recipe.

Rice Crispy Treats

Recipe of Authentic Thai Green Curry

dtukmujyWe just heated up the coconut milk products or ointments then add the paste, salt, sugar and other element like fresh vegetables, chicken or seafood. There are many types of of curry paste at the marketplaces, but there is only one type of authentic curry paste, which is made from the the scratches using herbs and fresh ingredients, then grinding it with a mortar and pestle.

The main curry paste has coriander seeds products, coriander roots, cumin, peppercorns, red curry, lemon grass, calcium, beans, shallots and shrimp. The dry ingredients are usually heated up in a wok then grinned into powder using a mortar and pestle. Nowadays many individuals use the mixer to combination all the ingredients together until it becomes a dense paste. We don’t want to make this paste whenever we get ready authentic Thai recipes, we might store some away in the fridge, so whenever we need to get ready curry, we just add the paste with coconut milk products and other ingredients to get ready our curries. The paste can be stored for about 3-4 weeks in the fridge.

Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

Cooking with Kids – How to make chocolate treats and rice crispy treats How would you like the idea of a lot of fun doing it whiles playing with your kids? How something that their children a sense of satisfaction that feels like an adult? The kitchen is one of those activities. Practice is given to the children improve their basic skills in the kitchen; they will need in the future. The best opportunities for revenue should be easy to make and leave a little creativity as shapes, colors or ingredients, of course, the most important ingredient for good flavor! Therefore it is something which your children adore as well as consume? A person suspected this grain crispy goodies. You should use the standard dishes with regard to grain crispy goodies You will find 3 various methods all of us consume this short article, however with a few adjustments. Usually, grain crispy goodies, as well as combined with dark chocolate protected. It’s all of these prior to, and then we have fun using the regular as well as talk about the options. You are able to manage the standard locations, the actual filling up associated with crispy grain crispy goodies

Is Your Rice Missing Fluff? Try The Zojirushi

In comparison to any other products of the same type, Zojirushi rice cooker has several extra features and is also one of many top-most brand names for rice makers. It has the ability to make restaurant quality rice at home using its high watt digital rice cooker, which comes along with a warmer. All that needs to be done is to fill the pot with uncooked rice, add measured amount of water into it then press the button after deciding on the type of cooking required. It has a multi-menu selection in its user friendly user interface. To be able to control temperature as per the type of cooking selected by the user, it uses most recent fuzzy logic technology. It provides its users a choice to keep the rice warm instantly since it offers an ideal managed temperature that’s needed is by the food item. It allows reheating of the food item without overcooking it through its reheat cycle.

There are lots of incredible features for Zojirushi rice cooker as compared to other cookers. The inner side of this cooker is made up of non-sticky material so that it is easy to take away the contents

Salmon and Egg Donburi Recipe

Donburi is rice with some topping in a bowl.   Typical toppings are chicken and egg (Oyakodon), Tempura (Tendon), or beef (Gyudon).  It’s a complete meal in a bowl.

The topping, however, can be anything you like, really.  I had leftover baked salmon from dinner the night before, so it was recycled into this dish.  And I have to say, salmon still made a pretty good Donburi.

If you ‘d like to see more details on Donburi dishes, please check out our Oyakodon Video.

Salmon and Egg Donburi

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 4 servings


  • 1 cup (240ml) Dashi
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 2 Tbsp Sake
  • 4 Tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 Tbsp Mirin
  • 1 small onion, thinly sliced
  • 3/4 cup cooked salmon, largely flaked
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 bowls of steamed rice
  • green onions, thinly sliced


  1. Add Dashi, sugar, Sake, soy sauce and Mirin in a large frying-pan. Heat until boiling.
  2. Add onion and cook for 2 minutes at

Brussels Sprouts with Rice

½ lb Brussels sprouts, cut in half

2 medium potatoes, cut in cubes

2 medium carrots, julienne cut

1 medium onion, chopped

½ cup rice, washed and drained

1 Tbsp tomato paste

3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp salt to taste

A pinch of fresh black pepper

1-11/2 cup hot water

Saute the onions with olive oil over medium heat and then add the tomato paste. Stir in carrots and potatoes. Cook for 2 minutes and add the Brussels sprouts and rice. Cook for 2 more minutes tossing gently. Finally stir in the hot water and salt to taste. Close the lid and cook over medium low heat until the rice and the vegetables are cooked (about 30 min).

Sprinkle with freshly grinded black pepper and serve hot.


*This is a vegetarian dish

Florida Stone Crab How to Make Best Crab Recipe

Want to learn a little more about Stone Crab? Crabs are available for reap between August Fifteenth and May Fifteenth. Indigenous to Florida’s West shore, these unusual crabs have the unique ability to regrow their nails and divisions. These delightful nails are always popular and are widely considered as one of the types of refreshing Florida Fish. Claws are baked day-to-day in hot drinking water for 7-10 minutes and refrigerated to prevent the meat from adhering to the cover. They are then grouped into four sizes: method, huge, huge, and heavy.

“Medium: 6-8 nails per pound
“Large: 4-5 nails per pound
“Jumbo: 3 nails per pound
“Colossal: 1-2 nails per pound

Then manufactured and sent straight to your door! We target and get the greatest crab of the types. We have found nails over a lb each. Fresh stone crab, claws crab meat is so lovely and soft that many of our customers prefer it over all the other crab types and seafood.

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