Different Variety of South Indian Rice Recipes

South Indian rice recipes are one of the best staple food, and it is famous all over the world. They are easy to cook tingles the taste buds of food lovers in no time. It is one of the most loved food which is heavy on the stomach; it is best taken as one meal during the day, the common practice is to take it for lunch.

There are many varieties available, and it depends on the states of South India as well, the majority of rice users is in South India. The Andhra food would be spicy and tasty while Kerala’s authentic meals include the use of coconut oil and coconuts as they belong to the backwater area with umpteen coconut trees grown. Tamil Nadu staple food swirls around variety with a minimal amount of spice and oil used.

Vegetable Rice – the pack of nutrients

Pulav varieties and Biriyani varieties are cooked with a mix of good vegetables, which are very healthy and has a good count of nutrients. The pulav is steam cooked and thus it is totally healthy; the rice used to cook is of basmati type rice that is rich in good vitamins. There is also specific vegetable rice varieties like tomato rice, carrot rice, spinach rice, etc., which are tasty and aids in staying physically fit forever.

Feasting with rice varieties

Most festival celebrations, guest hospitality, hotel orders and fun are accompanied with an appetizing biriyani made with chicken or meat. The most common and famous is chicken biryani all over India and also in other countries. The meat is marinated with spices to taste better when cooked; it is one of the richest types of food witnessed so far. When tasted hot, it would give a heavenly and toothsome feel. It is easy to cook and would not exceed an hour for cooking the same, a simple raitha is more than enough to enjoy these biryani’s. It has many flavors and tastes the best; kids would love these rice varieties for their lunch.

How healthy are these south Indian varieties?

It is one of the most healthiest food as it is steamed directly with less oil used to cook the vegetables slightly, it gives instant energy and lets one stay healthy. It improves well-being with aid in bowel movements and also stabilized the blood sugar level regardless of age. Essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients are packed in rice and the meat or vegetables used to cook the food. When taken in portions, it leaves hunger at bay, aids weight loss as well. It is free from bad cholesterol and helps in maintaining blood pressure in patients. Even when someone is sick, rice is one of the best choice to stay hunger free and fight for immunity. It is one of the best sources of energy.

Keeps our heart hale and healthy

Rice also helps in cardiovascular care and is good for the heart as well. It is pocket-friendly and can be bought in any range; it is packed with proteins for heart and brain functionality. Cooking is made easy within an hour; it is ideal for any person regardless of age. In fact, rice is recommended for toddlers for energy consumption. For athletes and other sports personalities, intake of rice has resulted in greater energy deposits to perform well in their activities. It controls blood glucose and is fat-free, take rice once in a day and stay healthy forever.