Details To Discuss With Your Preferred Catering Service

In Singapore, catering services offer convenient options for a wide array of events. The services include a complete meal and desserts as directed by the client. The first selection for clients is opting for a seated or buffet-style meal. A local catering service discusses the fine details of all choices with clients to plan an extraordinary event.

Who Coordinates the Catering at the Event?

Select catering services employ a catering coordinator who manages the events. The coordinator directs the waitstaff and the catering staff throughout the entire event. He or she determines when seated meals are served and oversees the cleanup after the event.

What Upgrades are Available for Events?

Upgrades are additional services that add pizazz to the event. The options aren’t included in standard catering packages and will require additional fees. The caterers may secure the services through different vendors when necessary. The additional services or upgrades could include chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, specialty decor, or displays. The client must provide details about the upgrades they want for their event ahead of schedule, as some vendors require advanced notice.

Does the Catering Service Coordinate with Other Vendors?

Yes, other vendors providing services for the planned event work with the caterers. Typically, the vendors have access to the venue on the day of the event and must arrive ahead of time to set up. The caterers could assist vendors or direct them according to the plan set up for the event.

How are Leftovers Managed by Caterers?

What happens to the leftovers is up to the client in most cases. The client may wish to have the leftovers wrapped up and sent home with guests. They could also have the food sent to a new location if they want to take it home after the event. The catering staff will place the food in containers according to the client’s specifications.

In Singapore, event planners secure catering services to manage meal requirements for corporate and consumer-related events. A catering coordinator provides assistance for the events and manages the delivery and serving requirements for the entire meal. Prospective clients who need to learn more about seated or buffet catering services in Singapore contact a local service now.